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Extreme Team CEO Luncheon

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2017 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program

How many amazing experiences can a troop have as a result of participating in our annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale program? As many as you can imagine!

Check out the list of 100 Amazing Experiences that Troop 10088 has had. And then start your list! Please share your amazing experiences and email them to

Troop 10088 - 100 Amazing Experiences  

2017 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program - Top Three Sellers

Amanda K. - selling 4,603 boxes (Atikah Service Unit)

Saya G. - selling 3,718 boxes (Sandy Beaches Service Unit)

Genevieve V. - selling 3,009 boxes (Sunchariot Service Unit)

Congratulations to our 2017 Extreme Team! The Extreme Team includes all Girl Scouts who sold 1,000 or more boxes of Cookies.