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media girlz

Media G.I.R.L.z

Media GI.R.L.z love the spotlight and talking about Girl Scouts.

They are outgoing, well-spoken and not afraid to be in front of a camera.

These Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts ooze courage, confidence and character and are the official girl faces and voices of GSSEF.  


2017-2018 GSSEF Media G.I.R.L.z - Join the Team

We're looking for 10-15 Girl Scouts who ooze courage, confidence and character to be a member of the 2017-2018 Media G.I.R.L.z Team. Open to Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors, this team of Girl Scouts who are Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-Takers and Leaders will be the official girl faces and voices of GSSEF. 

Media G.I.R.L.z Application and Deadline (October 11)  

Thank you to all the G.I.R.L.s that applied to join this year's team and attended the interest meeting. We are finalizing our team selection and will notify you by October 30.

Interested in learning more? Fill out the form here and submit your application to be part of the Media G.I.R.L.z team. Please make sure you read the participation requirements and expectations at the end of the application and upload a photo of your smiling face. Applications are due by Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.  

Media Girlz is a year-long program that gives girls the chance to be included in various media   opportunities, be invited to participate in special events and attend business functions with senior GSSEF staff members and to learn about public speaking, create talking points and practice business etiquette. And of course they’ll have plenty of time to shine in front of the camera and have some fun too. 

Interested in learning more? Please contact Melinda Glasco, director of marketing and communications at


Meet the 2016 - 2017 Media Girlz Team  


media girlz amanda

Amanda K: Cadette

I love Girl Scouts because of all of the many different skills that I am learning such as money management, how to be a good citizen, how to make the world a better place, and leadership skills, which I will all use in the future.

I want to be a Neurosurgeon because I love science, math, and how the brain works.


media girlz brianna

Brianna R: Junior

It has taught me to belief in myself and helped me figure out what I would like to study in college. I have also made a lot of great friends. 

My dream is to become an International Lawyer. I would like to represent children’s interests all over the world.


media girlz brooke

Brooke N: Cadette

I love Girl Scouts because it's a great time to meet new people and have so much fun with close friends. My favorite Girl Scout activities are of course camping, selling cookies, and going to fun places with my troop.

I want share with girls that they can do anything that they dream to do.


media girlz claire

Claire B: Senior

I love Girl Scouts because provides me with great opportunities to see different parts of the community and the world. Also, it helps me develop leadership skills and helps me get involved in my community.

My favorite Girl Scout activities are volunteering, leading events, camping, Archie, and traveling.


media girlz corinne

Corrine M: Cadette

I like to spend time with my friends giving back to the community and making a difference.

My favorite Girl Scout Activities are camping, helping not- for- profit organizations such as animal shelters.

For a career, I want to be a Journalist.


media girls elizabeth

Elizabeth M: Senior

Girl Scouts is a good way to learn to be a leader and help in the community. My favorite Girl Scout activities are camping and archery.

I have been dancing and acting since I was 5.

If I could be anything in the world I would want to be an actress.


media girlz genevieve

Genevieve V: Cadette

Girl Scouts allows me to spend time with awesome girls and do interesting and fun activities.

My favorite Girl Scout activities are camping, traveling and archery.

I want to be a Forensic Scientist.


media girlz jamilah

Jamilah J: Cadette

In Girl Scouts, I get to help my community and try new things.

My favorite Girl Scout activities are earning badges and showing the world how great Girl Scouts are!

I want to be an officer in the United States Air Force to serve my country.


media girlz linda

Linda S: Cadette

Girl Scouts gives me an opportunity to try new things I would not have had the opportunity to do outside of Girl Scouts, to meet new people and to learn more about my community.

When I'm older, I want to be a neurologist or robotics engineer.


media girlz marissa

Marissa C: Cadette

In Girl Scouts, I get to spend time with my friends while helping others.

I love selling cookies at booth because I get to interact with customers.

I want to be a speech therapist.


media girlz molly

Molly P: Junior

There are fun activities in Girl Scouts and I always learn something new. I love making new friends and learning to be a better person. I love helping out and knowing that I do make a difference in making the world a better place.

I want to be a Veterinarian because I really do love animals and I want to help make sure they are healthy and happy.


media girlz samantha

Samantha W: Cadette              

Girl Scouts allows me to learn the skills necessary to be a successful business woman and it enables me to give back to the community in a variety of ways.

My goal is to become a news anchor when I get older.


media girlz sophia

Sophia L: Junior

I love saying the Girl Scout Law, playing games, and doing helpful activities. An example of one of our helpful activities is when we made cards to sick children in hospitals and drew pictures for them.

I have so many favorite things about Girl Scouts it is so hard to just pick one.


media girlz stefani

Stefani L: Junior

I love helping the community and making people happy! I think that being a Girl Scout has made me feel more confident and become less shy!

My favorite activity in all the years I have been in Girl Scouts is camping.

I want other girls to know how great it is to be a Girl Scout and to feel empowered and special.


media girlz Valeria A 2

Valeria A: Girl Scout Cadette

I love Girl Scouts because I get to participate in fun activities that help me grow as a leader, create friendships, and be involved in my community.

My special talent is competitive figure skating.

When I am older I want to be a surgeon. I want to saves lives and make a difference.


media girlz zoe

Zoe W: Cadette

I love the opportunities to help out in my community. Girl Scouts helps me to find new passions, forge new friendships, and spend time with old friends.

I want to be a veterinarian or something related to animal science or behavior.