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Does your daughter look around at the new and interesting things and think, “I’d like to try that!”? That is what Junior Girl Scouts is all about.

As a Junior Girl Scout your daughter would participate in the following:

  • Try her hand at everything from photography and dramatics to fashion and computers.
  • Sharpen her outdoor living skills on weekend camping trips or at summer camp.
  • Lead a bicycle-safety workshop in her community.
  • Investigate local history and learn about the women and men who helped shape her town.

Through these and many other activities and by following the national program outlined in the Girl Scout Journey Books, Junior Girl Scouts will:

  • Show greater skill in gathering and evaluating information.
  • Be better able to initiate and maintain cooperation on their teams.
  • Be more confident in their power to effect positive change.
  • Gain greater understanding of ethical decision making in their lives.
  • Begin to feel part of a larger community of girls/women.
  • Strengthen their ability to effectively speak out or act for themselves and others.

What Juniors Wear

Girl Scouts at each level have one required element (tunic, sash, or vest) for the display of official pins and awards, that will be required when girls participate in ceremonies or when officially representing Girl Scouts. For girls ages 5 to 14, the unifying look includes wearing a choice of a tunic, vest, or sash combined with their own solid white shirts and khaki pants or skirts.

Many troops and groups also make their own “Troop shirts” to wear on field trips, group outings and overnights at camp. Parents should check with your troop leader for more information.

Click here to see a sample of the official Girl Scout Junior vest and sash and how to place insignias, pins, patches and badges.

What Juniors Do and Earn

Girl Scout Juniors proficiency badges, participation patches and Journey Awards. They camp and help to teach the younger girls traditional songs and ceremonies. Juniors participate in the Cookie Sale program, increasing their financial literacy skills and planning for their future activities, and much more. They improve neighborhoods through community service projects, protect the planet, and complete projects to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award. Click here to learn more about what Girl Scout Juniors do.

Whether in a troop or group or as an individual, the GSSEF Girl Scout program starts girls off on a Journey of their choice from the GSUSA National Leadership Journeys series. Girls will earn awards, have fun, discover more about themselves and take on projects that change the world.

Girls then add The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to their program portfolio. The Girl’s Guide offers girls national proficiency badges, traditions and history, an awards log, and much more.

How Juniors Learn

Using the GSUSA National Program materials and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience — a model that engages girls in discovering themselves, connecting with others, and taking action to make the world a better place, girls learn leadership skills at all grade levels. Girls learn new skills from their adult leader and each other. They learn by doing hands on experiments, trying new things and teaching others.