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From one Ambassador to Another

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in Who We Are

We love hearing from our alumnae, especially the newest ones, as they start a new chapter in their life. Hearing about what they are up to and how Girl Scouts “sneaks in” is always inspiring and enlightening. Here’s a snippet from Rebecca Perez, currently a freshman at Eckerd College.

It was a warm fall afternoon when I decided to open a bank account with the Wells Fargo on campus at my college. I had finished with just enough time to head to “The Pub” for lunch. On my way, I passed a small family that looked a bit lost. The father asked where “The Pub” was. I smiled politely; I wasn’t good at giving directions, so instead I offered to personally show them the way, since I was going there myself.

Along the way, the mother asked me questions about the school. I assumed her son would be graduating from High School soon and looking for a college to attend to. So I told
the Mom the little information I knew about the school, how
the meal blocks worked and the difference between the main Cafeteria and “The Pub” while we walked. My little tour ended once we reached “The Pub” and I said my goodbyes and wished them a good day.

Later that week I received an e-mail on my student account, stating that I had been nominated as a candidate for the school’s Ambassador Program. I was curious, since I was
pretty sure the college didn’t have an on-campus Girl Scout troop (I had already looked.) It turned out that the Ambassador Program provided student-lead tours around the campus –
just like the mini tour I had successfully given to the lost family earlier that week.

How funny things work out sometimes. I had gone from being an Ambassador Girl Scout to an Ambassador for my school. I couldn’t wait to give my leader (AKA my mom) the ironic story later on that day. Girl Scouts once again helped me prepare for my future in ways I hadn’t even realized.