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ICWT-Volunteer-Signature-art-for-web-bigAs a volunteer, you’ll introduce girls to new experiences that show them they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. You’ll be their cheerleader, guide, and mentor, helping them develop skills and confidence that will last long after the meeting is over. Imagine the smiles, the excitement, the memories made–those are the moments you’ll share at Girl Scouts. Be the role model she’ll always remember.

Becoming a volunteer – step by step

Thank you for your interest in Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida! What can you do to make a positive contribution in the lives of girls that still fits into your busy life? Become a Girl Scout Volunteer! Girl Scouts exist for girls, but it exists because of volunteers. By giving your time and sharing your skills with our girls, you can make it possible for them to become girls of courage, confidence and character.

There are now several flexible ways for adults like you to get involved by simply matching your expertise, skills, interests, and life experience to the volunteer opportunities available at our Council. Please take a moment to view our Volunteer Position Descriptions and see what might be right for you.

The following steps must be completed by each adult before being appointed to a Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida volunteer position:

If you have more questions, please email the Volunteerism department at

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Council Volunteer Position Descriptions
Service Unit Volunteer Position Descriptions (updated June 2014)
Troop Volunteer Position Descriptions (updated June 2014)