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Partner Programs by Request

The Partner Programs by Request initiative allows Girl Scout members to explore active Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida partners, (who have all been vetted and approved), and the programs they offer. Below you will find these partners, the location(s) of their programs, and a brief description. The “Learn More” button will then take you to a complete listing of their programs and includes Girl Scout levels, cost, and the minimum and the maximum number of attendees.

If you are interested in scheduling a program for your troop, service unit, etc., you can complete the form below in just a few minutes to submit a request!

Partner Program Request Form

SPARK Business Academy
Virtual via Zoom

The mission of SPARK Business Academy is to empower youth with essential financial literacy skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to promote educated financial decisions and future financial independence.


Consolidated Credit
Virtual via GoTo Webinar

The mission of Consolidated Credit is to assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and professional counseling.



Virtual via Zoom

VicTreeFi is a woman-owned company that provides innovative and personalized financial education solutions to ensure successful comprehension of financial concepts.




Life Skills

Joe Picasso’s
Virtual or In-Person in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Joe Picasso’s is an interactive studio offering youth pottery workshops. Joe Picasso’s believes involvement in the arts can improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.


Teen Tell All
Virtual via Zoom

Teen Tell All is a life coaching business that provides children of all ages with the tips, tricks, and techniques needed to live the life they love. Founder Lauren does this for Girl Scouts through group empowerment workshops connected to Girl Scout badges.



Game of Axes
In-Person at 3 Locations: Jupiter Farms, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton, FL

Game of Axes provides axe throwing experiences for Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors, and adults with the aim of growing interest in this up-and-coming sport.


High Point Paddle Adventures
In-Person in North Palm Beach, FL

High Point Paddle Adventures encourages youth to dive into aquatic ecosystems and the beauty of nature during their Stand-Up Paddle Board explorations.


Reef Institute
In-Person in West Palm Beach, FL or Virtual via Zoom

The Reef Institute is dedicated to protecting coral reefs through education, research, and restoration. Coral is a fundamental organism to healthy oceans and the Reef Institute is working hard to bring back the coral population off Southeast Florida’s coasts.



STEM Partner Programs Coming Soon...

Requests must be made a minimum of two months in advance and three date & time preferences must be provided. A non-refundable initial payment based on the minimum number of attendees must be paid upon approval of your request and the scheduling of your program. 30 days from the program date, the final payment (based on the total number of attendees, less your initial payment) will be due and is non-refundable.