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More than 5,500 local Girl Scouts participated in the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Sale program, selling over 1.4 million boxes of cookies! And all of the net revenue raised – 100 percent of it – stays within our six-county council area. GSSEF uses cookie earnings to power amazing experiences for girls through their programming, events and learning experiences.

By participating in the largest girl-led financial literacy program in the world, girls and their troops earned more than $1.2 million in proceeds and had the power to decide how to invest in impactful community projects, personal enrichment opportunities, and more. From donating items to local animal shelters to participating in STEM activities, Girl Scouts are doing amazing things made possible by each and every box of cookies they sell.

2020 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program - Top Three Sellers

Amanda K. - sold 5,020 boxes (Atikah Service Unit)

Heidi Maria V. - sold 4,435 boxes (Sandy Beaches Service Unit)

Molly P. - sold 4,049 boxes (Jupiter Service Unit)

Congratulations to our 2020 Extreme Team! The Extreme Team includes all Girl Scouts who sold 1,020 or more boxes of cookies. This year there were 1,020 girls that reached that level and proved that they were ready to be a cookie boss!

In addition, 56 girls reached the CEO Extreme Team level selling 2020+ boxes of cookies.