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Whether your last troop meeting was yesterday or 20 years ago, the bonds of sisterhood are never-ending.

As an alum, you know just how transforming Girl Scouts can be in a girl’s life. Think of all the wow-moments you experienced. From the accomplishment you felt when earning your first badge to the memories you made while enjoying gooey S’mores over a crackling campfire, you now have the power to help girls—just like the one you used to be—uncover more of those special moments.

By sharing your talents, stories, and time with us, you can inspire a new generation of Girl Scouts. We would also love for you to join us throughout the year at one of our events—they are the perfect place to connect with other Girl Scout alum.

Your next steps? Become a member of our Alum Association and we’ll update you on what’s new and inspire you with stories of girls and alumnae who are making the world a better place.

 Lifetime Membership

  • Young Alum Lifetime Member: $200 (former girl member who is 18-29 years old)
  • Lifetime Member: $400 (Adult 18 years or older who is not a former girl member; or former girl member who is 30 years or older)
  • Complete the Lifetime Membership form here

Because I was a Girl Scout

Sarah Garcia: "My viewpoint changed from a narrow personal standpoint to a wide global perspective, helping me to appreciate the various cultures within my immediate community as well as during my travels."

"The single most impactful experience in Girl Scouts for me would be earning the Gold Award."

Joanne Felker: “I met the man of my dreams, I have the best friends for life and raised children to continue those same principles on to the next generation."

"I became a leader along with two friends in 1988 and our troop stayed together for 12 years, with 12 of them getting their Silver Awards and 8 of them receiving their Gold awards."