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Be Kind to Your Mind Troop Leader Digital Facilitation Guide

Tue Dec 15, 10:00 AM - Sun Jan 31, 11:59 PM EST
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This year has brought much change for many Girl Scouts and their families. Here at GSSEF, we recognize that there is power in learning about the factors that can take a toll on mental health and creating the space for discussion. That's why we have transformed our Be Kind to Your Mind program, a week-long virtual program centered on girls exploring various topics of youth mental health through expert-led teachings and small group discussions, into a troop leader digital facilitation guide providing you with the tools, curriculum, activities, expert-led teaching recordsings, and workbooks to facilitate the program for your troop.  

By participating in this program, you will be given a Troop Leader Digital Facilitation Guide that includes links to the recordings of the presentations of the event. This guide includes step-by-step instructions to facilitate small group activities for the girls based on the topics of each presentation. Each troop leader will also receive an accompanying age-appropriate workbook to distribute to their Girl Scouts. Patches are available to purchase for an additional cost per girl. 

This program focuses on five different topics:

  • What is Mental Health? - Presented by Denise Rye, LMHC

    • The very first program in our series is here to help lay the foundation for understanding mental health. Girls will learn about what mental health is, common mental health disorders, and how to recognize signs of concern.

    • D/B/J- Girls will learn about emotions through emotion charades.

    • C/S/A- Girls will learn about mental health and mood disorders through creating mood trackers and emotion wheels.

  • Coping with Change - Presented by Leneita Fix, Executive Director of the Reef Institute

    • Our second program will be a discussion on how change affects one another, how we feel about it, and strategies to adapt to change and manage any anxiety that arises.

    • D/B/J- Girls will play Coping Bingo

    • C/S/A- Girls will discuss stress management scenarios

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - Presented by Cathy Whitt, Holy Cross Health (D/B/J) and Alexandria Van Dyke, Miss Florida USOA (C/S/A)

    • What is the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind? We will explore this through a presentation about the topic followed by a short strength workout and a learn how to make a great smoothie!

    • D/B/J -  Girls will do a short strength workout and learn how to make a great smoothie! 

    • C/S/A -  Girls will learn goal setting for health behaviors.

  • Self-Care - Presented by Celeste Lord, Crim Fitness Foundation

    • Our fourth program is a discussion on what self care is and how to find the best forms for each person, how to identify burnout, a discussion on mindfulness, and common ways people perform self-care acts.

    • D/B/J- Girls will learn about 3 self-care strategies: physical (dance party), spiritual (meditation), and emotional (acts of kindness) 

    • C/S/A- Girls will learn about gratitude journaling and do a mindful coloring activity together.

  • Talking about Mental Health - Presented by America Paredes, Mental Health America

    • Now that you’ve learned all about mental do you talk about it? This presentation will teach girls the skills to facilitate difficult conversations, how to check in with your loved ones, and how to talk about mental health.

    • All girls will reflect on what they have learned.

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The Be Kind to Your Mind program, and its materials, are the intellectual property of Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida, Inc. (GSSEF) and may not be broadcast, duplicated, or reproduced without the express written consent from GSSEF.