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Establishing Credit (presented by VicTreeFi) - Virtual Course

Sat Aug 01, 12:01 AM - Mon Aug 31, 11:59 PM EST
Senior, Ambassador

VicTreeFi is a female-founded company, dedicated to promoting financial education. The company’s co-founder was a Girl Scout from her Daisy through Ambassador years. VicTreeFi provides online courses for students that are self-paced and mobile-friendly.  Seniors and Ambassadors are invited to register for one or more of VicTreeFi’s courses to complete the steps required to earn their financial literacy badges. Prepare to manage your money while in school and after graduation. Note: Rising 9th graders (Cadettes bridging to Seniors) are able to register for these courses. 

Establishing Credit: Understand what your credit score is and why it is important to have a high credit score. Learn why the concept of credit is important.

Additional Course Offerings (see individual listings in the GSSEF Activities and Events Listings)

  • Affording Your Education: Learn about student debt and loans in general. Explore the options that are available to help you pay for your college education including scholarships, grants, work-study opportunity, and loans. Master the concept of amortization to understand what you are really paying when you borrow money.
  • Saving for Your Future: Discover how to plan for your financial future. Learn to create savings goals and gather tricks to achieve these goals. Discover your values to determine your needs.
  • Budgeting Your Money: Learn how to create a monthly budget and discover practical spending habits. You will be taught how to determine your needs versus your wants. A review of spending habits is conducted. Understand the importance of setting money aside for emergency or future plans.
  • Opening a Bank Account: Learn about why it is important to keep your money is a trusted place. Understand deposit insurance and interest rates.
  • Obtaining Auto Insurance: Car insurance can be a big expense, but it is very important to obtain. With this course, learn about car insurance coverage and walk through an auto insurance policy to understand key terms. Understand coverage limits to prepare to review your own car insurance policy. 

The courses take approximately 45 minutes to complete and do not have to be completed in one sitting. The courses your girl is enrolled in will permanently available on her profile- there is no end date when they will close or be removed! Seniors and Ambassadors can complete steps of their financial literacy badges by completing various courses. Badges are shown in “bundles�? below. 

Badge Bundles 

Seniors – Buying Power Badge ALL Steps

  • Affording Your Education
  • Saving for Your Future 
Seniors – Financing My Future Badge ALL Steps 
  • Affording Your Education 
  • Saving for Your Future 
  • Budgeting Your Money 

Ambassadors – On My Own Badge ALL Steps

  • Saving for Your Future
  • Budgeting Your Money 

Ambassadors – Good Credit Steps ALL Steps

  • Affording Your Education
  • Establishing Credit

How Does This Work?

You may enroll in a course at any time through this GSSEF registration page. You will receive a confirmation no later than the Thursday following your completed registration and payment. You will then receive access to your course through your VicTreeFi no later than the following Monday.

A profile will be created for each girl with their first name and email address. This information will ONLY be used for the creation of their profile, which will be done by a GSSEF staff member. To provide an email for your girl’s account, you must respond to the email confirmation within 48 hours, otherwise the email associated with their GSSEF Member Profile will be used. They will receive an email from VicTreeFi upon enrollment with a temporary password, which girls will be able to change upon their initial login. They will use the email and password to access their profile and courses. They will receive no further email communication from VicTreeFi unless they need to use the “Forgot Password�? feature.

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