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STEM Badge in a Box December 2021

Wed Dec 01, 10:00 AM - Tue Dec 14, 11:59 PM EST

Imagine them taking on some of the biggest challenges and problems our planet faces—and helping solve them. Or having a career that is engaging and well paid. Imagine her teaming up with others to invent the future.

That future can be a reality, thanks to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Research shows that girls are keenly interested in STEM and excel at it. Yet, for a variety of reasons, girls often don’t pursue STEM—starting as early as elementary school.

But we can change that! Let your Girl Scout see that STEM can help her make the world a better place! Girl Scouts who participate in girl-focused STEM programs:

  • Become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and inspirational leaders
  • Get better grades, earn scholarships, and follow more lucrative career paths
  • See STEM as the foundation for a meaningful and successful future

Perhaps she’d like to…build a robot, create an app, invent a medical device, develop a video game, protect the world’s wildlife, send a spacecraft to a far galaxy, cure a disease, keep the ocean clean, study the stars… The possibilities are truly endless!

Clearly, STEM can take her anywhere she wants to go!

Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida knows how important it is for Girl Scouts to have access to STEM programming and, that it is equally as important to have access to the specialist equipment needed to participate in STEM activities.  This STEM Badge in a Box program has been made possible through a generous donation and was created to address these challenges and to provide support to our dedicated leaders. 

Each STEM Badge in a Box contains everything an individual Girl Scout or troop (up to 12 Girl Scouts) will need to complete the GSUSA STEM Badges.

Each box is suitable for up to 12 Girl Scouts. If you have a larger group than that, I suggest you book 2 boxes at the same time (if available) or split the troop so they can take it in turns to complete the badge.

How does it work?

  • You register for the box(s) of your choice for the dates that work for you through your MyGS account.
  • We will email you as we get closer to the date you have reserved the box to find out where you would like to collect the box from. You can choose the Broward Retail Store, GSSEF HQ, or the Jupiter Retail Store.
  • You collect the box on your reservation date from your chosen location (If you choose a retail store you might want to consider purchasing the badges your girls will earn at this time, if you choose GSSEF HQ please email Ally ( to let her know what time and date you will be coming in so she can be available to meet with you)
  • Complete the badges with your troop.
  • Return the box to the location of your choice within the dates of your reservation. (If you choose GSSEF HQ please email Vivien to let her know what time and date you will be coming in so she can be available to meet with you.
    • Example timeline:
      • 11/15/2021- complete registration through your MyGS account for the December session.
      • 12/1/2021 (approximately) - Vivien will email you to find out what location you want to collect the box from (choose either retail store or HQ) or you can email her to let her know.
      • She will also share the electronic version of the leader guide and Badge Blueprints so you can get a jump-start in your planning and you will have access to the website or video online links.
      • Approximately 12/8/2021 (depending on the turn around time from when the box is returned form the previous month) collect the box from your chosen location.
      • 1/3/2022- The box MUST be returned by this date to your chosen location

What is inside the boxes?

  • All the equipment and materials you will need to complete the specified badges.
  • Copies of the Badge Blueprints
  • The Leader Guide

What boxes are available?

  • We will be rolling out additional badges over the next few months 
  • We will update the information here as the boxes are completed and we will also communicate the updates via social media (mainly the GSSEF Facebook page and the SU Facebook pages) when each new phase is rolled out.