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Ashdon Farms Issues Allergy Alert on Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix and Honey Mustard Mix

Ashdon Farms, one of two companies licensed by GSUSA to produce Girl Scout-branded nuts and chocolates, is alerting consumers that Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix sold under the Girl Scouts of the USA brand and Honey Mustard Mix sold under the Ashdon Farms brand distributed to consumers on or before November 15, 2015 are being recalled because milk is not declared in the “contains” statement on the label.

The Honey Mustard Pretzel Mix sold under the Girl Scout brand may only be purchased from a Girl Scout as part of her council’s fall product sale.

Click here to read the press release distributed today (November 17, 2015) by Ashdon Farms.

The 2015 Fall Product Sale has ended for this year. Thank you to all the girls,  families and volunteers for participating in our Fall Product Sale Program.

GSSEF Fall Product Sale: October 1 – November 15

What is the Fall Product Sales Program?

The Fall Product Sale Program is a way for your troop to earn early start-up funds by offering quality products to your customers and help our Council sustain and expand our programs for girls and volunteers. It’s easy, it’s fun! This year’s theme is “Reach New Heights”.

Click here to watch a fun video about this year’s Fall Product Sales Program.

So Many Ways to Participate

The Fall Product Sale Program features several unique products that are fun for girls to sell, have universal appeal to customers and easy for volunteers to manage. They are Nuts/Candy, Magazines, Enjoy the City Coupon Books and Address Booklets. Girls can also set up their own online store to sell nuts/candy and magazines.The online feature is meant to reach those customers you would not normally reach through our family and friends campaign.Fall Product 2015 Online Button

First…Girls send emails to friends & family offering new Magazines Subscriptions and Nuts/Chocolates product ONLINE.
Next…Girls sell Magazines Subscriptions from the Magazine Catalog, Nut/Candy Products and Enjoy the City Coupon Books from their Girl Order Card IN PERSON. These materials are found in the Girl Envelope.
Last…Girls complete the Reach Out Address Booklet.

Why participate?

• Troops earn early start-up funds
• Girls earn individual recognitions
• The funds help our council sustain and expand our programs for girls and volunteers
• Online option makes it so easy for girls to sell

How much can a troop earn?

• $1 for every Nut/Candy item sold
• $5 for every “Enjoy the City” coupon book sold
• 12% of the Magazine Subscription sale price
• $2 per completed Address Book

For example, if a troop of ten girls participate and each girl sold:

• 5 Magazine Subscriptions
• 24 Nut/Candy Items
• 2 “Enjoy the City” Coupon Books

The troop of ten girls would receive $500 in proceeds.

Troops participating in the 2015 Fall Product Sale Program will receive $.04 more for EVERY box of cookies sold during the 2016 Cookie Sale Program.

Fall Product Program Questions

For more information about the Fall Product Sale Program, please contact Denise Fiorelli at

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