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Camp Telogia


Camp Telogia is under restoration thanks to our amazing volunteers and a generous grant from the Batchelor Foundation.

Camp Telogia is a 9.5-acre Girl Scout camp located on the north side of Holmberg Road, just west of SR 441, in Parkland.  Camp Telogia had been in operation since 1961, when Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida took ownership of the land through a gift from Broward County, until 2017.  Previous plans to permanently abandon the property were suspended in 2018 and in 2019 a three-phase restoration and revitalization plan was adopted. Once reopened, Camp Telogia will be used for daytime and evening activities, and will be the perfect place for the progressive program outdoor experiences to begin.

Camp Telogia Batchelor Foundation Grant - Press Release 01.14.2020

Camp Telogia Invasive Plant Removal Progress - 01.27.2020

Restoration Efforts

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Here’s a glimpse at the restoration project’s three phases:

Phase 1: Expected to be complete by September 2020, (A) removal of exotic/invasive vegetation, (B) demolition of structures formally known as White Oak and Sunshine, and (C) creation of a master site plan

Phase 2: Funding Dependent, (A) renovation of Green Thumb structure, (B) installation of 2 pavilions, (C) creation of an entrance/exit ‘loop’ road (leading to/from Green Thumb), and (D) creation of a designated parking area

Phase 3: Funding Dependent, (A) installation of restroom structure, (B) installation of perimeter fencing, (C) installation of security gate, (D) installation of 2 fire pit areas, and (E) landscaping

Volunteer Work Days

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On April 7, 2019, we hosted our first volunteer work day! Volunteers and staff started to clear out debris and invasive plants from the property. They also prepped areas for the demolition process.

Volunteer Work Day_July 27 2019_200x200


On July 27, 2019, volunteers gathered again to start the demolition of some of the structures on the camp property, as well as remove debris and invasive plants.

Volunteer Work Day_October 19 2019_200x200



On October 19, 2019, volunteers continued the demolition process!

Volunteer Work Day_November 16 2019_200x200


On November 16, 2019, progress was made clearing out the front of the unit house and major debris was removed. Volunteers continued to remove invasive species of plants to help natural growth in the area.

Volunteer Work Day_200x200

Our top projects for February 29, 2020, include preliminary interior demolition of the Green Thumb structure (in the cooking and restroom areas), clearing debris and other ground hazards, and removal of undergrowth and clearing of land outside and inside areas that are east of the gate to preserve healthy trees.