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Celebrating Success

GSSEF's 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program Results
Girl Scouts across our council had an amazing 2022 Cookie Season! Congratulations to all of the girls, troops and service units who met their goals this year, and thank you to everyone that participated.

Thanks to 3,747 girls and 415 troops, and all of the family and friends that support them, the 2022 GSSEF Cookie Sale Program was a great success! Girl Scouts put the five entrepreneurial skills they learned into action and "Climbed with Courage" to achieve their goals.

This year we sold 1,221,867 boxes of cookies, a 31.71% increase over last year. Of the more than 1.2 million boxes, 344,373 of them were sold through Digital Cookie making this the highest number girls have ever sold through the online platform. It's an increase of 38.3% from 2021. The cookie sale grossed over $5,904,950 with nearly $1.1 MILLION going directly to our troops as troop proceeds. Be on the lookout for the amazing things Girl Scouts will do with those proceeds.



2022 Top Cookie Sellers

It was another record setting year for our Top Cookie Sellers. Just these four girls sold a total of 24,513 boxes of cookies combined!

#1 - Madison R., Troop 11110, who sold 11,045 boxes - the most ever by a single girl in our council. This is the second year Madison has been our top cookie seller.
#2 - Isabella L., Troop 24114 sold 6,714 boxes
#3 - Heidi Maria V., Troop 10305 & Leah W., Troop 42036, each sold 3,377 boxes (YES! A tie for our #3 spot this year!)

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2022 Extreme Team

Congratulations to our 2022 Extreme Team! The Extreme Team includes all Girl Scouts who sold 1,022 or more boxes of cookies. This year there were 231 girls that reached that level and proved that they were ready to be a cookie boss! In addition, we had 13 girls reach 1522+ boxes and 57 girls who reached the CEO Extreme Team level, selling 2022+ boxes of cookies!

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Have a cookie story you want to share with us? Email our Marketing team at with all of the info and your story could be featured in the local news, on our social media accounts, or even nationally through Girl Scouts of USA!