Troop Camping - Nocatee-Site 1 Little Critter Village (Dec 01)

Troop Camping - Nocatee-Site 1 Little Critter Village (Dec 01)

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Date: Fri Dec 01, 3:00 PM EST - Sat Dec 02, 3:00 PM EST
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Site 1: Little Critter Village (One Night Reservation)

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure? Troop camping is an incredibly fun component that is unique to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience! A troop camping trip provides an easy way for girls (at any grade level) and volunteers (at an experience level) to experience the great outdoors, unplug from tech-driven distractions, learn new skills, appreciate nature and bond as a team.  Girl Scout troop camping is different from other outdoor experiences because it is a group effort and with girls involved in planning, and execution, of the activities, schedules, and meals that appeal to them.


Your troop camping trip has lots of potential activities at GSSEFs Camp Nocatee (Hendry County) and Camp Welaka (Martin County) and both camps have a full-time, fully trained, experienced and attentive onsite Camp Ranger. As a troop, you can plan for swimming in the pool, small watercraft on the lake such as canoes or using CORL boards, trying archery, shooting at our new sling shot range, going hiking, fire building, outdoor cooking, trying nature-inspired crafts and so much more! Our easy-to-use online reservation system will show volunteers the activity options for both camp properties as well as sleeping site descriptions and capacities.


Our camps come alive on our designated troop camping weekends! These special weekends are designed to welcome multiple different troops to host their own trip, at their own camp sleeping site, while also offering the opportunity for girls and adults to meet others from all over our six counties. Need great ideas for your next troop camping trip? Look at all of GSUSAs national outdoor program possibilities here:


Providing the correct adult-to-girl ratios for troop camping:

GSUSA establishes the requirements for adult supervision requirements for Girl Scout activities. Adults registering for troop camping acknowledge they are required to provide adult supervision to girl participants. Additional adults, in excess of GSUSA requirements, may register and participate in programs when program capacity permits.


Providing the correct certified volunteers for troop camping:

  • At least one GSSEF Troop Camp Trained volunteer (aka TCT) onsite with the troop.
  • At least one First Aid/CPR/AED certified volunteer onsite with the troop at the time of activity.
  • A certified adult volunteer lifeguard, if applicable, onsite with the troop at the time of activity.
  • A certified small craft certified volunteer (for kayak/canoe/sailing) if applicable, onsite with the troop at the time of activity.
  • A certified archery instructor/volunteer, if applicable, onsite with the troop at the time of activity.
  • Note: The TCT certified volunteer and the First Aid/CPR/AED certified volunteer cannot be the same person.


Find all the GSSEF forms here under Camp Forms header: Troop Camping Travel Application and Roster must be submitted 14-days prior to check-in date.