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GSSEF Fall Product Program

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Read the Fall Product Sale results Eblast (sent 12/19/22)

Girl Scouts really “sealed the deal” during our 2022 Fall Product Sale. Girl and Troops did an amazing job this year and earned some great rewards in the process. Thank you to all of the hard-working leaders, volunteers and parents for helping make it a meaningful learning experience for the girls as well.

Despite a relatively flat number of troops selling, we saw an increase in the in number of girls participating! 277 troops and 1775 girls participated, resulting in an overall INCREASE for the 2022 Fall Product Sale of 34% over 2021!!! More importantly, Troop proceeds and bonuses were up 31%! Girl Scouts helped their troop earn more than $80,000 to help fund awesome activities through the year.

We also saw a 31% increase in the total number of items sold, a 21% increase in the number of avatars created and a 27% increase The Fall Product Program gives girls and troops the opportunity to sell the very popular - and yummy -  nuts and candy, magazines (new and renewals) and four coupon books in order to earn money to fund troop activities throughout the year. Individually registered girls can also participate.  

FPS 22 Top Sellers
Girls and Parents Resources

The GSSEF Fall Product Sale Program is a great opportunity for your Girl Scout to learn valuable teamwork, goal-setting and confidence-building skills. In addition to earning money for her troop, your Girl Scout can also earn exciting rewards for herself!

A Letter From Our CEO

Permission Form

Participation Guide for Families

Fall Product Makes Great Gifts

Top Sellers are Cool Reward

Girl Rewards Card & Patches

Paper Order Card (with photos of nut & candy items)

Community Care to Share

Set Up Your Site

Earning Your Avatar patch

Internet Safety Pledge

Family Quick Tips

Volunteer Resources

The GSSEF Fall Product Sale Program can empower the girls while also giving you and your troop the tools to have fun while learning and earning! Watch them have fun while they reach their goals. Check out all the resources below to get started today.

ACH Form

Troop Envelope

Troop Incentive Flyer

Troop Fall Product Sale Manager Position and Agreement

Fall Product Sale Rally Activities & Goal Poster  

Top Sellers are Cool Reward

Girl Rewards Card & Patches

Paper Order Card (with images of nuts & candy)

Internet Safety Pledge

Important Dates

September 1 - Go Bright Ahead and get started! Online and in-person sales of magazines, coupon books, nut & candy and Community Care to Share package sales begin! Girls, make sure to set up your online site!  

October 15 - All paper card orders are due to troop leaders. Girls can continue selling online until November 15!


October 16* - Deadline for all nut/candy and coupon book orders to be entered into M2OS by troop leader.

November 4 - 7* - Nut & candy and coupon book orders are delivered to Service Unit Product Sale Coordinator and parent pick up is scheduled.

November 15 - Fall Product Sale ends and last day to opt out of rewards.

November 18 - All monies deposited into Troop bank account.

November 20 - Last day for girls and troops to make reward choices in M2OS.

November 21 - GSSEF ACH withdrawl.

* Due to the unpredictability of hurricane season, impending storms may impact these dates. If the dates need to be adjusted, we will post them on social media and on the GSSEF website. We urge you to start early and be prepared!  


Fall Product 2022: I have not yet received my Welcome Email to get started. Can I still login?

Girl Scouts:

Girls do not have to receive a Welcome Email to login and begin participating. An email can be sent by the Troop Leader; however, it is not required that a girl receive this notice to begin her online campaign. Girls can go directly to the GSSEF Campaign page to register or login beginning 9/1/22. GSSEF Fall Product page:


Our Leader early access date is 8/25/2022. You will not be able to login until the early access date has arrived. If you are attempting to access an Admin Account (Troop/SU account), you must be added to the system and granted access before you can login. You will know this access has been granted by receiving your Welcome Email. This email allows you to set up your password and/or login. Please be sure to check your junk, spam, and/or promotions folders within your email account, as the access emails are occasionally sorted out of your main inbox depending on your security settings. If you are unable to locate your Welcome Email, you can attempt to login manually. To do so, please follow the below steps:

·       Go to the admin site at:

·       Select the "Forgot Your Password" option

·       Enter your email address and select "Continue"

·       If the reset was successful, you will see a message notifying you that a reset password email has been sent. You can then proceed normally with resetting your password and logging in.

·       If the reset was not successful, you will receive a message that your email address is not recognized. In this instance, you will need to contact your SU Coordinator or to be added into the system before you can login.

Fall Product 2022: Where do I enter my Paper Orders?

Girl Scout accounts:

Participants and parents/adults can enter Paper Orders on the Girl Scout's Dashboard. You will use the "Manage Paper Orders" icon to access order entry. This process is simply updating totals for each product based on the orders collected from your in-person orders. The cut-off date for participants and parents/adults to enter these totals is 10/15/22. These totals can be updated as needed until the cut-off date.

Volunteer accounts:

Troop Leaders usually receive access to paper order entry once the Girl Scout and parent/adult access has ended. This is to prevent confusion during the updating of totals. Once Troop Leaders have access to add/adjust paper orders, they will have the option to add any Girl Scout that is only participating in the paper order card portion of the program. They will also be able to update/adjust totals for all Girl Scouts until the troop order entry cut-off date of 10/16/22.

Fall Product 2022: When do I receive my products to deliver to my customers and will I receive the customer's delivery/contact information?

Service Units will receive product for distribution to troops between 11/4-11/7. Products are then sorted and distributed to troops in the local area. Products are distributed differently in each Service Unit, so you will need to check with your Troop Leader for specific details. You will receive the proper delivery/contact information for each customer that purchased an order to be delivered by your Girl Scout.

Fall Product 2022: Some of my product is missing or damaged, who do I contact?

Please submit a request here: Submit a request – M2 Media's Girl Scout Program (

M2 Media’s customer service department will assist you in replacing your product(s).

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

You can reach out to your Troop Leader, your Service Unit Fall Product Sale Coordinator directly, or contact us at Also, feel free to join us during our Fall Product Open Hours to get your questions answered live on Zoom.

2022 Fall Product Program Open Hours on Zoom:

Daytime Open Hours:

        Sep 20, 2022 12:00-1:00 PM

        Oct 18, 2022 12:00-1:00 PM

        Nov 15, 2022 12:00-1:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 983 5205 4397

Passcode: fall22


Evening Open Hours:

        Sep 6, 2022 05:30-6:30 PM

        Oct 4, 2022 05:30-6:30 PM

        Nov 1, 2022 05:30-6:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 957 3467 4283

Passcode: fall22



Nuts and Candy - Sell in Person

Girls can sell delicious nuts and candy to friends, family, neighbors, teachers and others. They can sell in-person using their nut and candy order card.

Magazines and Nuts & Candy - Online Program

The online feature for selling nuts, candy and magazines is an easy way to let technology enhance your sale. And it's so simple to set up with our online system, M2OS. Adults and girls work together to set up her personalized Online Store and then send emails to family and friends and watch for great results. The online feature is meant to reach those customers you would not normally reach through our family and friends campaign and teaches the girls online marketing skills along the way.

Plus when customers shop online they have the option for the girl to deliver select items ordered online if the customer is local. No shipping fees for the customer and customer's pay online with a credit card so the girl doesn't need to worry about handling the money.

Save Around Coupon Books - Sell in Person

Girls can sell Save Around coupon books which are listed on the girl order card. There are four books available this year (Broward, Palm Beach, Treasure Coast and Orlando) and they're filled with coupons and discounts that add up to tons of savings for your customers.